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Catalog of Water Resistivities of Wyoming - Donald F. Cardinal


A catalog of water resistivities (all formations, not limited to Minnelusa) has been compiled in an effort to evade the continuous frustration of searching through innumerable well files, published reports, or outdated unpublished data files. Over 6,500 water resistivity values are included in this compilation covering Wyoming, and Harding and Fall River Counties, South Dakota. Most of the values were located in the well files at the Wyoming State Oil and Gas Commission and the South Dakota Department of Water and Natural Resources. The information has been tabulated and edited, but because of the variable sources, there can be no guaranty for any of the values.


The use of water resistivities has been demonstrated as a means to locate stratigraphically controlled oil fields. Often, a decrease in water resistivity in the same correlative unit suggests a nearby trap. In many areas, correlations which might not be resolved by any other method may be clarified by water resistivity comparison.

Well data cards were used initially to locate tests which recovered enough formation fluid to lend credence to the observed water resistivity. The fluid recovery data enable the users of the water resistivity information to make their own judgement concerning the validity of the the resistivity data. After the wells which have the required fluid recovery were located, they were checked at the State Oil and Gas Commission for water resistivity values. The tested or produced intervals and shut-in pressures were verified. All water resistivities values were converted to a constant 68° Fahrenheit value.


   Data Included:

   Water Resistivities are grouped by these *Basins:

*Note: Within each Basin category, resistivities are sorted by township, additionally they are listed again sorted by formation.

Note: This catalog is Copyrighted 1993 and has not been updated since.

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